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Navigate the growing complexity of retirement planning

Essentials Membership


  • 35+ Decision-oriented flowcharts (see list)
  • 15+ Issue-based checklists (see list)
  • One to two new flowcharts/checklists added each month
  • Updated as needed to stay current
  • Common decision points retirees must consider
  • Download as PDFs (see sample)
  • Share flowcharts in-person or email to clients and prospects
  • Advisor Facing and Client Friendly

Deluxe Membership


All of Retirement Planning Essentials plus…

  • Customize all flowcharts to your brand (try it out)
  • Add your logo
  • Customize the color palette
  • Digital rights to share and distribute online (social media, blogs, etc)
  • Add more information or disclaimer if needed to a back page

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How often are the flowcharts and checklists updated?

We update them as often as needed. In some cases, there are changes to the annual limits, which require them to be updated each year. Other times, there could be changes to the rules/laws which would require updates. Finally, we may update them just to make an element more clear based on member feedback. We notify users of changes and include the date of update so you you know which is the most current version.

How often do you produce checklists and flowcharts?

We consistently produce 2 new checklists or flowcharts each month.

How do you decide what flowchart or checklist to develop next?

We rely heavily on input from our members, we have a section of the website for members (and non-members) to suggest and vote on what we develop next. The most requested ideas are developed. You can see for yourself here: 

Can I share this with my clients?

Yes! Feel free to share with your clients in person or through email. Deluxe members can share their white-labeled versions online such as posting to their website or on social media.

Are these FINRA approved or approved by compliance departments?

These have not been FINRA approved. You will need to route them through your own compliance department. Deluxe members can include a disclaimer on the back page to satisfy most compliance department requests. And we are happy to work with you if your compliance department has questions.

Is this licensed to the individual or to the firm?

Each membership is for an individual. Deluxe members will have their name and firm name listed in the footer of each flowchart and checklist. In the near future, Essential members will have a similar footer as well.

Do you offer any multi-member discounts?

Please reach out to us ( to learn what we are developing for enterprises.