Navigate the Growing Complexity
of Financial Planning

Financial Planning is complex. It’s easy to forget a rule or become confused. Just when you think you have it figured out, the rules change. With fpPathfinder you can be a more diligent advisor and systematize your planning process.


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White label the checklists and flowcharts


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Everything in Deluxe, plus interactive checklists and Share A Link that integrate with Redtail and Wealthbox CRM


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Options for small teams and enterprises

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30-Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee Click link above for complete details

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30-Day Hassle-Free Money Back Guarantee

2+ new checklists or flowcharts added each month

Updated as needed to stay current

Quickly (and repeatably) identify planning issues

Download as a PDF

Share flowcharts in person or email to clients and prospects

Advisor-facing and client-friendly

Customize all resources to your brand

Add your logo & customize colors

Digital rights to share and distribute online (social media, blogs, etc)

Add more information or disclaimer if needed to the back page

Create a personalized dashboard

Interactive Checklists

Share A Link with Interactive Checklists

Integrate fpPathfinder with Redtail & Wealthbox CRM

Ability to complete checklists directly from CRM

Record notes for each checklist question

Send completed checklist as a note to the client record

More CRM integrations coming (stay tuned)


Will I have any compliance issues using fpPathfinder?

All compliance departments are different. We suggest you sign up and white-label your resources and then send them to compliance for review. Most of our members have no issues with compliance, but if you do reach out to us and we’ll refund you (within 30 days of signing up)!

Can I see a complete list of your available resources?

Yes! Here is a Complete Resource List by title and category.

Can I customize the resources?

Not at this time. Among fpPathfinder’s members, customizable checklists are one of the most frequent new feature requests we receive. The original intent of our checklists was to focus on resources that could be used broadly. They are generic, by design, to cover various client scenarios. We are taking the time to fully evaluate this feature request to understand the implications. Please read our full statement here.

Can I see a demo or try out the features? (Includes the Redtail and Wealthbox Integration videos)

Redtail users: Watch this demo, if you are looking for a high-level overview of fpPathfinder, a demo of interactive checklists and the integration with Redtail.

Wealthbox CRM users: Watch this demo: if you are looking for a high-level overview of fpPathfinder, a demo of interactive checklists and the integration with Wealthbox.

New for Premier Members: Share A Link – email interactive checklists to your clients.

If you’re interested in seeing the white-label feature, you can try it out here. 

If you’re interested in seeing samples, check out a sample of our checklists (our interactive checklist) and a sample flowchart.  

Can I upgrade to Deluxe or Premier and pay a prorated amount?

You bet! You can start at a membership level that feels right for you. When you’re ready, you can upgrade anytime. When you go to the checkout page, a credit for your “unused” time will be deducted from the price.

How long will it take to get access to my fpPathfinder membership?

Access to your membership is instantaneous after you sign up. You will receive an email with login information to the membership.

How often are the resources updated?

We update the resources as needed to stay current and try to do so as quickly as possible. We tend to release versions of the resources impacted by new annual limits at the end of each year.  As new rules and regulations come out, we try update the resources within a month.  In some cases (like the CARES Act), we released a checklist that addresses just those new rules in about a week. In other cases, the rules completely change the nature of the resource and cause us to go back to the drawing board. In those cases, it can take a lot longer to update the resource.

Is there a discount for buying multiple memberships at once?

Yes, we have group subscriptions available for multi-advisor firms. For group sales, please contact [email protected]

Am I locked into a contract when I sign up for an fpPathfinder membership?

Absolutely not! But we’ll be sad to see you go if you decide to cancel. We offer a hassle-free 30 day money back guarentee. All we ask in return is you do not use the one-click download function to download all the resources and then ask for a refund. If you are not completely satisfied within your first 30 days, email [email protected] and we will refund your membership.

You can also cancel your yearly membership by visiting your account page prior to renewal.

Any other questions before you sign up?

If there’s anything at all you’re not certain about, anything we haven’t made clear, any concerns or questions then please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

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Sample Flowchart

Here are some ways you could use this chart in your firm:

  • Use the flowchart when a client asks if they can make an IRA contribution
  • Proactively share this chart with your clients in March to help them consider contributing before the deadline
  • With our Deluxe membership, you can add your own branding and use the flowchart on your website, social media, and other online platforms.

White-Labeled Checklists

Our customers love the custom branding because:

  • You can add your logos and colors seamlessly with a click of a button (test it here!)
  • Differentiate yourself from competition in a unique way
  • Have “done-for-you” content you could share on your website, social media and all your online platforms

Interactive Checklists

With our Premier Membership, you can easily and quickly provide guidance to your clients by completing the checklists online. When you’re done, you can send the completed checklist-note to your CRM (or use the ‘copy text’ feature) to properly document your conversation or meeting and refer to it later.

Michael Kitces
“Checklists don't make the planner smarter or more skilled, but do help to ensure that the planner maximizes the knowledge and skill he/she already has.”
— Michael Kitces, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief at

Create a systematic process for running your firm and ensure clients receive accurate, consistent advice.

Be confident when rules and regulations change and how to convey the updates to your clients quickly and with ease.

Hire someone new and be confident they will cover all the important points with your clients.

If you are a “newer” advisor, you don’t have to stress you may not “know something” because you have not run into it yet in your career

If you are an experienced advisor, feel confident you have not forgotten any of the rules or regulations.

Cross check your current processes and workflows to ensure they are accurate, efficient, and correct.

Simplify your meetings by easily and quickly explaining difficult decision points to your clients.

Email our checklists and flowcharts to potential prospects and convey how easy and pain-free working with you will be.

Share flowcharts in-person or email to clients and prospects.

Share our resources online (website, social, etc) to increase your authority as an advisor.

Complete the checklists on your computer or tablet.

Launch and save Interactive Checklists inside Redtail and Welathbox CRM (more CRMs to come).

“fpPathfinder is the only planning tool that tries to address all of the obstacles facing our clients”
— Cathy Curtis, Curtis Financial Planning

30 Day Hassle Free Guarantee

We guarantee fpPathfinder will help you identify more planning opportunities, have more engaged clients, and a more efficient business. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied at any time in the first 30 days, email us at [email protected] and we will refund your membership.

All we ask in return is you do not use the one-click download function to download all the resources and then ask for a refund.


Checklists and Flowcharts ready for you now inside the membership...

Every month we release two new checklists or flowcharts for our members. Below is a sample of some of the resources that have already been created and are live and ready for download in our membership site when you join!




fpPathfinder is for you IF...

  • You want a process in place to help you find more planning opportunities for your clients.
  • You want to save time from constantly researching and studying rules and tax law.
  • You want to create a repeatable process that can be implemented firm-wide.
  • You’re interested in trying new, innovative ways to run your firm and serve your clients better
  • You’re focused on the long term and understand improving your planning processes takes work, but you will save a lot of time if you don’t start from scratch
  • You’re willing to try something new to make your day-to-day work as an advisor easier, more efficient, and less stressful

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What Members Say About fpPathfinder

Hundreds of other advisors actively use fpPathfinder. Read what they have to say about the power of our membership.

“What you guys have created is pretty badass! I’ve used your material for both client meetings and prospective clients.”
— An advisor in California
“I adore your product. It’s so helpful to my clients and myself. I really like that I could change all the colors to match my logo. It looks fantastic.”
— An advisor in Washington
“I had my own internal set of workflows, but by piggybacking fpPathfinder, I've saved who knows how many hours. It's a great product and I'll be a subscriber for years.”
— An advisor in Texas
Roger Whitney, CFP®️, CIMA®️, CPWA®️
“fpPathfinder has been critical in my execution of financial planning. They provide well thought resources for when clients face specific problems, and I use them over and over again.”
— Roger Whitney, CFP®️, CIMA®️, CPWA®️

Join fpPathfinder's 2,000+ happy customers

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