Systematize Client Communication and Meetings
Create productive and efficient client and prospect meetings with interactive checklists to help you uncover planning opportunities in advance.
Streamline your processes with organized planning opportunities and prioritized tasks
Incorporate Interactive Checklists around your unique processes and tailor the client view to personalize the experience
Create custom client deliverables
Develop custom client engagement pieces (such as a white-labeled Client Service Calendar)
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Why Choose Premier Membership?
  • Access to Interactive Checklists, which can be tailored to the client or prospect

  • CRM integrations that enable systematized processes

  • Create Custom Client Deliverables

How Advisors Use Premier Membership
Premier members find immense value in the efficiency and the flexibility fpPathfinder introduces to their practices.
Plan next-steps with automatically organized planning opportunities and prioritized tasks.
Send an interactive checklist to your client before a meeting to uncover planning issues so the meeting is more productive and no surprises come up during the meeting.
Tailor the individual client experience by adding or excluding checklist questions that do not apply.
Interactive checklists make it easier and faster to help clients.
Digitally complete checklists and add notes. Send complete checklists to your CRM or Copy Text and paste the information where you need it to go.
Email a custom link to your clients to complete a checklist which can go directly to your CRM or back to you via email.
Try out the Interactive Checklist feature!
Custom Client Deliverables
Use client information you already have to generate a customized report that illustrates your work and confirms for your client that you're on top of important matters.
Scale your ability to generate customized deliverables for several clients at once with a template for uploading clients' data and creating individualized reports.
Try out the Deliverable feature!
What Members Say About Premier Membership
Don't take our word for it! Read what our members -- your peers -- have to say about being Premier fpPathfinder Members.
"Our firm had been looking for something like this for so many years. A standardized checklist or flowchart of important issues to consider, and a way to integrate the responses into our system. When we stumbled across your service, I couldn't have signed up any quicker. We now use the checklists to conduct monthly webinars about the all of the important topics."
– An Advisor in Texas
I love the new "share a link" feature. This has made it much easier to send flowcharts and checklists to our clients. Thanks for the add!
– An Advisor in Texas
"I think it’s the bees knees! I think it provides me and my clients the most value of any of the services we use at my firm."
– An Advisor in Kentucky
30 Day Hassle-Free Guarantee
We guarantee fpPathfinder will help you identify more planning opportunites, have more engaged clients, and a more efficient business. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied at any time in the first 30 days, email us at and we will refund your membership. All we ask in return is you do not use the one-click download function to download all the resources and then ask for a refund.
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