Will I Avoid IRMAA Surcharges On Medicare Part B & Part D

Categories: Healthcare, Taxation

Planning around IRMAA surcharges has become more important as the surcharge amount has increased in recent years. While on the surface the concept is pretty straightforward, there are a few issues that can cause an unexpected wrinkle for the client. And there are even some cases where a client can request an exception from the IRMAA surcharge if certain conditions are met.

To help make this easier, we have created the “Will I Avoid IRMAA Surcharges On Medicare Part B & Part D” flowchart. It addresses some of the most common issues that arise for a client in retirement

  • IRMAA surcharges for Part B and Part D based on MAGI
  • Situations to request an exception and the form to complete
  • Impact of IRMAA surcharges on a couple (MFJ)
  • The tax year referenced for the surcharge calculation


Updated for 2019