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Common Annuity Products

Insurance Planning, Assets and Investment Planning
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Updated 12/1/2023

With so many types of annuity products in existence, it can be difficult to understand which product is best suited for our clients. Furthermore, many of us struggle to understand what differentiates one annuity from another. That’s where this guide steps in.

With this summary guide, you will be able to quickly navigate the annuity space and have more intelligent conversations with your clients about whether a particular annuity might fit (or currently fits) their financial situation and preferences. This summary guide covers some key components of annuity products, such as:

  • The types of annuities there are and what categories they fall under.
  • Explaining what specific annuities can do, and who they might be most suitable for.
  • The types of risks that come with each annuity, as well as what risks they help mitigate.
  • The different features of each type of annuity, as well as their potential fees.
  • How annuities might affect a client’s tax and estate planning situation.

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