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What Issues Should I Consider When Creating My Estate Plan?

Estate Planning
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Estate planning is a topic that is commonly ignored. After all, who likes to plan for what happens after they die? Many clients have no estate plan in place, and they often don’t know where to start. That’s where you step in.

With your guidance, clients will have a better idea of what questions to ask when creating their estate plan, as well as clarification on what will happen to their assets after they are gone.

This checklist covers the key issues to consider when a client is developing their estate plan, such as:

  • Identifying the appropriate estate planning documents needed for their situation.
  • Considering ways for their assets to avoid probate.
  • Developing an equitable estate plan that is fair to all heirs involved.
  • Understanding how specific accounts or assets may be affected after death.


Updated 11/17/2022

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