Should I Rollover My Dormant 401(k)?

401(k)s and IRAs have many unique features that may be meaningful to your client depending on their situation. The decision involves a discussion that is about more than just fees and investment selection.

To help make this easier, we have created the “Should I Rollover My Dormant 401(k)?” flowchart. It addresses some of the most common issues that should be considered before doing a rollover:

  • Common IRA and 401(k) features and differences
  • Issues involving Net Unrealized Appreciation
  • Distribution options based on your age
  • Taxes and penalties in an IRA vs 401(k)
  • Impact of a loan in a 401(k) if a rollover occurs
  • Hardship Withdrawal
  • Systematic income

Updated for 2020 (including The SECURE ACT)